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About Us

Elecspec have been providing a quality and dependable service to commercial and industrial customers since 2009. Based in Hertfordshire, the Elecspec team work with businesses across the South East of England.

With a reputation for excellence, Elecspec have been awarded electrical contracts for offices, retail outlets, hotels, hospitals, schools and industrial units. The engineers at Elecspec are highly skilled and have experience across a wide range of sectors, working at all levels in the electrical industry.

As one of the UK’s leading electrical testing companies you can rely on the experts at Elecspec to keep your property safe and compliant, leaving you to focus on running your business.

PAT Testing

Whether you are a landlord, business owner, contractor or a property management company, it’s important that your tenants and employees are safe whilst in the premises. Elecspec provide a comprehensive report with 48 hours of testing.

Emergency Lighting Installation and Testing

Elecspec can design and install a complete emergency lighting system. You can never predict when you will need it, so it needs to work the first time. Regular testing maintains this and keeps you compliant with BS 5266-1.

Fixed Wire Testing

This is essential in confirming the safety of any new installation and existing electrics. Fixed wire testing will cover all hard wiring within a building, and can also be known as periodic testing, fixed testing and electrical installation condition reporting.

Thermal Imaging Surveys

An electrical thermal imaging survey can be used to test a variety of equipment. It is a non-evasive and non-destructive procedure that uses infrared technology. This type of electrical testing will find a fault prior to an equipment failure.

Electrical Installation

Commercial electrical installation services for industrial, education, hospitality and retail organisations. Competitive pricing and unparalleled service standards make Elecspec the perfect choice for your commercial electrical installation.

Fire Risk Assessments

The Regulatory Reform Order 2005 applies to all owners or landlords of commercial properties with five or more occupants. The ‘responsible person’ is required to carry-out suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment of their workplace.

Energy Solutions

Supported by government-backed financial incentives, renewable energy solutions are becoming increasingly popular in commercial and industrial properties. Reducing the impact on the environment by limiting waste and requiring less maintenance than traditional sources, Elecspec energy solutions reduce your costs of operating.

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Accredited and experienced engineers at very competitive rates...



Detailed Fire Risk Assessments to keep your business compliant...



Sustainable design and implementation giving large cost savings...



Ensure your lighting works correctly when you most need it....



Sustainable design and implementation giving large cost savings...



Accredited and experienced engineers at very competitive rates...